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Contract Workflow | Contract Approvals | CobbleStone Software Contract Software

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Complete Contract Workflow

The Contract Workflow Simplified

CobbleStone’s workflow automation provides an intuitive feature that is ready to meet your contract management software needs for internal and external alerts, contract process management, and contract templates. Engage the right people at the right time with an unlimited number of contract notifications, auto-alerts and steps. Manage the collaboration and negotiation process by using workflows to track process flow. Leverage powerful rules-based workflows to route approval and easily monitor contract processing. CobbleStone workflows reduce the contract approval cycle time by leveraging intelligent automation to eliminate process bottlenecks resulting in more accountability and contract closeouts.

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A Smarter Workflow Engine

Customized Easy-to-Use Contract Workflows

CobbleStone’s Software enables automated workflows based on request types, data fields, your rules, monetary values, departments, products, key dates and more. Accept and reject actions, escalate alerts, delegate, work in task groups, and easily complete complex processing. Get more visibility with CobbleStone’s Workflow Visualizer, a graphic workflow that shows contract approval expectations. And in our advanced contract management system, review audit trails to track all the steps taken by users, allowing System Administrators to view logs and see who has completed tasks and made changes to each contract.

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Contract Request Tracking

Track, Review & Approve Requests

Easily collect, track, review and approve contract requests from your employees, staff members and counter-parties with easy-to-use intake forms. CobbleStone Contract Software includes a powerful contract request engine that quickly enables your team to enable users to submit new and renewal contract requests, collect and configure important contract data fields, attach and review important contract documents, route approvals via flexible workflow, monitor contract approvals, e-mail reminders, approve requests and convert to a contract record without losing or re-keying data. Find out more about CobbleStone request management software.

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Approvals & Tasks on the Go

Unlimited Alerts & Automated Tasks

Approving and negotiating contracts can be completed via the desktop software or using CobbleStone’s mobile app (available for Apple or Android). Alert key users of contract events and milestones with unlimited notification alerts. Define standard alerts based on agency, department, contract type, and contract status. Each task sends an e-mail to the user’s inbox and/or smartphone and is displayed on the calendar to approve at your office or on the go. Workflow will automatically create tasks for calendar and email alerts. Each time a new record is entered or updated, tasks will be auto-created on that record by the system based on pre-defined rules. Tasks are assigned to an individual employee and can also be assigned to a group of employees. You can also setup the task start dates, end dates, notify days, repeat on an interval, and escalate to another employee. When a task is completed or rejected, Application Administrators can specify a field or several fields to be automatically updated. Never miss a step in your contract process!

Contract Software Features
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Easy Workflow Creation

No IT Support Required

CobbleStone user-friendly, user-configurable and flexible workflow tasks make managing contracts easier. The workflow tasks are rules-based and can be configured based on any record field value or combination of field values. Workflows can be created for any existing tables and for user-defined sub-tables. Workflows are simple to create and do not require IT Support. System Administrators can quickly build and manage workflows within the user interface with the help of a graphical viewer. There is no limit to how many workflows can be created or the rules around the processes. Take your contracts to the next level by using flexible workflows to route approvals, monitor contract approvals and e-mail reminders. Our easy data flow allows you to quickly submit electronic requests and requisitions and convert to a contract record without losing or requiring re-keying of data.

Contract Software Features
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Workflow for Contract Compliance

Customizable Security Settings & User Permissions

Many regulations such as SOX and HIPPA require contract review and approval. CobbleStone offers security settings and user permissions that may be assigned based on a contract, employee, department, and security role basis. Customize workflow steps to track compliance according to your requirements and business rules. Use workflow tasks to route action items and documents to the right parties and auto-notify responsible parties by email. CobbleStone allows control over contract document access rights, full audit, SOX, Federal, HIPAA, and other compliance needs. When additional support is needed, CobbleStone offers System Planning and Implementation Services that include contract task and workflow optimization.

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Contract Approvals

Simplify the Approval Process

CobbleStone helps you effectively manage the people and tasks necessary for your contract approval process. CobbleStone's workflow automation feature alerts users through email notifications, calendar alerts, dashboard alerts, and task lists when tasks are triggered. Tasks can be completed within email notifications with approve or reject options and notes. The emails provide one-click access to the task for immediate results. Leverage unlimited user-defined fields and set up workflows to automate contract updates. Create rules-based or parallel workflow processes to tailor each process to your needs. Get more from CobbleStone Contract Management Software.

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Analytics & Reporting - Your Way

Workflow Reports, Dashboards, & Charts

Easily report on task activities; create task reports on dates and time to complete tasks to optimize workflows and identify bottlenecks; create monitor reports that e-mail key team members of long-running tasks, high-risk items, and compliance reports; and be more creative with CobbleStone's built-in report designer.

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