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CobbleStone Enterprise Vendor Software is an 'End-to-End' enterprise level, completely web-enabled Vendor Software Solution which provides enterprise vendor tracking, vendor management, configurable custom user-defined fields, workflows and approvals, task reminder alerts, custom report design tools, e-mail alerts, calendar reminders, checklists, document management, vendor rating and scorecards, searching, performance tracking, full-text indexing, web platform, mobile design, web calendaring, and more. It is built upon the latest web-enabled technologies so it can be deployed faster, supported easier, thus reducing your total cost of ownership and accelerating your return on investment.

Manage the Entire Vendor Lifecycle

Vendor Management Software Just Got Easier

In business, finding the correct supplier is critical. Oftentimes, competitive bidding is a good method to identifying the best vendor for your supplier needs. This typically involves reviewing suppliers based on a rating categories. These include the supplier qualifications, references, quality, responsiveness, and cost. A typical buyer's process will consist of 1) finding qualified suppliers, 2) preparing request for proposal [RFP], 3) advertising the sourcing need, 4) obtaining responses from qualified bidders 5) evaluating and comparing the responses received, and 6) selecting the winner and notifying the other respondents.

CobbleStone Systems' Vendor Software solution provides comprehensive solutions for automating and centralizing your organization's vendor information with powerful add-on features for: contract, agreement, committal or obligation management lifecycle processes from cradle to grave. CobbleStone's vendor management system leverages your organizational processes, integrates seamlessly with other mission critical applications, and provides a user-friendly interface; ensuring ease of use, smooth transitions with high adoption rates, and rapid time-to-value. CobbleStone software is selected and used by thousands of legal, procurement, sales, and risk management professionals as the best and most highly recommended choice for contract software.

Experience the CobbleStone Vendor Software Difference

CobbleStone Software is one of the leading Vendor Management Software companies worldwide. Our efforts are focused on providing better software to help you manage your vendors more effectively. We have been focused on this goal since 1995. Contract Insight is the contract management software of choice among over 600 leading organizations with thousands of legal and procurement professionals using Contract Insight ™. Many of the top companies, organizations, and governmental organizations in the world use Contract Insight ™.

Leading professionals use CobbleStone Software

When you select CobbleStone Vendor Management Software, your duties with tracking vendors, selecting vendors, and complying with regulatory requirements will be much easier. CobbleStone Vendor Software is built upon the latest cloud technologies, enabling it to be why so many select CobbleStone. Use it from the web or from mobile devices

CobbleStone Software
Vendor Software - Configurable to meet changing business needs!
  • Robust contract tracking software
  • Easily track contracts for vendors, customers and other agreements
  • Track NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), joint-venture agreements and more with the contract software add-on feature
  • Track licenses, patents, trademarks / service marks, and other committal documents
  • Robust legal software for managing legal documents
  • Schedule, send and receive e-mail alert notifications for important dates and contract reminders
  • Easily add more tracking fields to meet your specific tracking needs
  • Attach supporting documents with version tracking
  • Track the procurement process including requisitions, purchase orders, inventory and spend with CobbleStone's purchase order software add-on
  • Rapidly deployed CLM Contract Software
  • Easily supported and maintained
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership with Contract Insight ™ Software
  • Accessible in the office or remotely
  • Track your procurement process with CobbleStone Procurement System
Hosted Vendor Management Solution (SaaS) Benefits
The CobbleStone's Enterprise Edition hosted license (Software-as-a-Service) is a cloud based Vendor management software that is delivered via the web.
  • No software to download or install
  • Anytime, anywhere access to supplier and vendor information from a web browser or mobile device
  • No ongoing maintenance or data usage charges (it is all included in your subscription)
  • Proactive contract e-mail alerts and task notifications
  • Fantastic contract drafting, merging fields, merging clauses, e-signature options, word to pdf converter
  • Great contract searching based on your meta data fields and contract document files
  • Fast start up with configuration
  • Allows for contract data field configuration by your system administrators when you need it
  • Secure contract repository with permission based access
  • Configurable contract approval workflow and monitoring alerts
  • Easily risk rate vendors with vendor risk rating and score cards
  • Export data to many common formats
  • Powerful vendor management system
  • Track contract facts: dates, fields, legal assignments, alerts, documents, disputes, financials / payments, claims and more.
  • Integrate systems with an optional data API integration license
  • No need to rely on outside IT consultants or help
  • High availability access to your contract records with proven backup
  • Certified Hosting Data Center with SSAE compliance, ISO, Safeharbor and complies with regulatory guidelines

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