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Vendor Management Software

Vendor and supplier management software is a critical tool for successful organizations, vendor managers and risk managers. Good vendors are valuable to a company and helps them keep their business operating. Depending on the size of the company and their distinct requirements, they could potentially do business with anywhere from a few dozen to thousands of different vendors. Each of these business agreements are unique to the individual vendor and therefore require specific contractual terms and payment rates. These relationships and agreements must be individually maintained through a necessary Vendor Management process.

The process of Vendor Management can be described as a series of activities a business undertakes to guarantee they are sustaining the most effective relationship with their vendors. This action is composed of a serious of activities including reviewing and acquiring vendors, securing quotes on price rates and turnaround times, establishing relationships, negotiating agreement terms, onboarding, ongoing compliance, insurance certificate tracking, and evaluating performance over time. Managing vendors can be a very timely process and requires a high-level of knowledge and expertise to maintain long-lasting, stable relationships overtime.

CobbleStone Vendor Management Software

CobbleStone's Vendor Management Software makes the vendor management process easy. Manually overseeing larger quantities of vendors and managing supplier risk can be a very daunting task and often leads to crucial details getting overlooked. This act of mismanagement can result in a breach to an agreement, such as an insufficiency of payment, failure to reach a stated deadline, or an absence to stay compliant with regulations. These negligent acts can potentially devalue the existing business alliance and decrease the confidence to partake in any future arrangements.

As time goes on, the number of vendors that a company does business with continues to grow and the need to establish a more disciplined method of managing each individual relationship becomes even more crucial. Implementing CobbleStone’s Vendor Management Software is a recognizable solution to the common complications experienced when overseeing a multitude of different vendor records. It is a completely centralized, web-enabled application, therefore storing all records on a single repository and eliminating the need to manually document records.

CobbleStone’s Vendor Software can be utilized by any industry because its easily configurable platform can adjust to a business’s specific requirements. Some of the identified leading industries that are currently implementing software into their vendor management processes are IT, Financial, Retail, Energy, Healthcare, Education, Pharma / Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Distribution, Government and many more.

Vendor Management Software Features

Managing external employees becomes an effortless task for businesses with the implementation of CobbleStone’s Vendor Management Software. It provides a seamless solution that allows them to more effectively manage their supplier relationships throughout the entire process including: initial registration, negotiating and finalizing terms, ongoing assessments of performance, and tracking results.

There are many helpful tools that CobbleStone’s Vendor Management Software offers its users for even more added flexibility and visibility:

  • Establish vendor registration policies
  • Define new vendor request forms
  • Easily on-board new vendors and track supplier information
  • Centralized repository of all vendor records and files such as insurance certificates & vendor qualifications
  • Send and receive email and calendar task alerts
  • Full document control within a secure vendor platform
  • Control user access
  • Track version revisions, and full displays of up-to-date versions of documents
  • Maintain visibility of contracts and committals with CobbleStone’s Contract Software
  • Review full audit trail with time/date/user stamps
  • Easily import data with mapping for a quick and smooth conversion
  • Track active vendors within the system through multiple reporting tools
  • Evaluate performance with ratings and scorecards with configurable criterion
  • Identify leading suppliers with KPI tracking
  • Mitigate risk with configurable risk ratings and vendor scorecards
  • Make informed decisions with historical data
  • Determine causes for vendor under-performance
  • Vendor risk management and audit
  • Search vendor inventory
  • Record late delivery and defective inventory
  • Report all factors identified within a non-conformance to decrease future risk
  • Create and assign precautionary tasks to specific vendors based on their history

Integrate Vendor Management Software with CobbleStone Software

Take your organization to the next level by integrating CobbleStone’s Vendor Management Software and Contract Lifecycle Management Software into your existing operations to notice an overall difference in your company’s success. CobbleStone’s vendor software combined with contract management software offers complete optimization through its full lifecycle management with intelligence analytics and reporting functionalities. As a central repository of all records, the possibility of duplicate data will be eliminated, along with the potential loss of contracts, supplier certificates or other valuable records. Having a single place where all data is stored will heighten the flow of information amongst both parties and establish an overall view of the entire vendor relationship. Enhanced vendor performance will be evident through regular reviews and improvement processes provided by the multiple tracking tools available. The continued review of vendors will also decrease the possibility of service failures that could potentially occur otherwise. Businesses will reduce their total cost of procurement by easily identifying areas to save money. Increasing the efficiency of their purchasing habits will then ultimately reduce costs and increase profit levels at quicker rates.

Contract Management and Vendor Management Software plays a key role in making vendor relationships a mutually profitable affair. Suppliers play a critical part of a business’s success and are at the center of their many operational processes. Therefore, it is essential that organizations take the most strategic approach to effectively manage their vendor relationships with CobbleStone’s powerful contract management and vendor management collaborative platform.

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CobbleStone Systems' Vendor Management Software solution provides comprehensive solutions for automating and centralizing your organization's vendor information, contract, agreement, committal or obligation management lifecycle processes from cradle to grave. CobbleStone's vendor management system leverages your organizational processes, integrates seamlessly with other mission critical applications, and provides a user-friendly interface; ensuring ease of use, smooth transitions with high adoption rates, and rapid time-to-value. CobbleStone software is selected and used by thousands of legal, procurement, sales, and risk management professionals as the best and most highly recommended choice for contract software.

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CobbleStone Software is one of the leading Vendor Management Software companies worldwide. Our efforts are focused on providing better software to help you manage your vendors more effectively. We have been focused on this goal since 1995. Contract Insight is the contract management software of choice among over 600 leading organizations with thousands of legal and procurement professionals using CobbleStone Software. Many of the top companies, organizations, and governmental organizations in the world use CobbleStone Software.

More about CobbleStone Vendor Management Software

Leading professionals use CobbleStone Software

Leading procurement and purchasing managers select and use CobbleStone Vendor Management Software. That is a product and customer service you can rely on. CobbleStone Software is built upon the latest cloud technologies, enabling it to be why so many select CobbleStone.

CobbleStone Software Modules & Features
Vendor Management Software - Configurable to meet changing business needs!
  • Easily track obligations for vendors, customers
  • Robust vendor tracking with easy add-on for contract tracking software
  • Track NDAs (non-disclosure agreements), joint-venture agreements and more with the contract management software module
  • Track licenses, patents, trademarks / service marks, and other committal documents
  • Robust legal software for managing legal documents
  • Send and receive e-mail alert notifications for important dates and contract reminders
  • Easily add more tracking fields to meet your specific tracking needs
  • Attach supporting documents with version tracking
  • Track the procurement process including requisitions, purchase orders, inventory and spend with CobbleStone's purchase order software add-on
  • Rapidly deployed Vendor Management Software
  • Easily supported and maintained
  • Reduce your total cost of ownership with Contract Insight ™ Software
  • Accessible in the office or remotely
CobbleStone's software helps organizations with meeting Vendor compliance regulations, centralizing your committal and contract management, providing team collaboration, and improving your organization's overall contract administration process. Flexible hosting options allow organizations to maximize ROI within the first 30 to 60 days.

Hosted Vendor Management Solution (SaaS) Benefits
The Contract Insight ™ Enterprise Edition hosted license (Software-as-a-Service) is a cloud based Vendor management software that is delivered via the web.
  • No software to download or install
  • Anytime, anywhere access to Vendor information from a web browser or mobile device
  • No long-term licensing contracts
  • No ongoing maintenance or data usage charges (it is all included in your subscription)
  • Proactive contract e-mail alerts and task notifications
  • Fantastic contract drafting, merging fields, merging clauses, e-signature options, word to pdf converter
  • Great contract searching based on your meta data fields and contract document files
  • Fast start up with configuration
  • Allows for contract data field configuration by your system administrators when you need it
  • Secure contract repository with permission based access
  • Configurable contract approval workflow and monitoring alerts
  • Easily risk rate contracts with contract risk rating and score cards
  • Export data to many common formats
  • Track contract facts: dates, fields, legal assignments, alerts, documents, disputes, financials / payments, claims and more.
  • Integrate systems with an optional data API integration license
  • No need to rely on outside IT consultants or help
  • High availability access to your contract records with proven backup
  • Certified Hosting Data Center with SSAE compliance, ISO, Safeharbor and complies with regulatory guidelines
Contract Insight Enterprise Edition enables you and your organization to quickly start tracking and managing contracts and committals, and to access your contract system anytime, anywhere via a web browser. The system includes the latest release of the contract lifecycle management software system, support and maintenance. If at any point it is decided that the system is no longer needed, you can cancel your license and not be left with hardware and software that is no longer being utilized.

Client Installed (Deployed) Contract Management System Benefits
The Contract Insight Enterprise Edition client deployed (perpetual) license provides our Contract Insight Enterprise solution for the purposes of being installed and hosted on your organization's servers.
  • The entire contract application is in your environment and under your control
  • Access your contract system anytime, and anywhere via your hosted servers
  • On premise compliance, training, implementation
  • Export contract data to many common formats
  • Integrate systems with a optional data API integration or data direct
  • Upgrade to SaaS Cloud Hosting at anytime
CobbleStone provides enterprise vendor management system deployment support including installation, configuration and support.

Vendor Software Features at Glance:

  • Select from our rapid deployment options, SaaS or Client deployments.
  • Concurrent or Named user licensing models (leverage the most benefit and use from your licenses).
  • Full contract lifecycle management of your contracts. Contract Software Lifecycle
  • Contract Calendar alerts for contracts and tasks.
  • Personalized user dashboards for contract tracking.
  • Unlimited task tracking and e-mail alerts for contract key dates, deliverables, milestones.
  • Flexible contract workflow approvals processing engine.
  • Sign contracts online with electronic signatures and approvals (add-on module).
  • Configurable Reporting and On-line Report Designer (create, save, e-mail and export).
  • Flexible / configurable user-defined fields on key data collection screens.
  • Contract cost, spend, and budget tracking with alerts.
  • Vendor / Customer Management (track contact data, rating, score cards, compliance).
  • Track, scan and attach files to contracts, employees/users and vendors/customers.
  • Manage contract clauses and provisions with contract document authoring and template merging.
  • Text based (full-text) contract document searching on attached files.
  • Track legal conflict of interest and other corporate obligations.
  • OCR PDFs files for text searching and comparison
  • Linking of related contracts and counter-parties.
  • Unlimited notes with audit tracking, check-lists, milestones and price/cost tracking.
  • Template-based Contract creation with merging fields and dynamic clauses.
  • Easily create document approval workflows tasks with rules-based sections and clauses.
  • Create electronic approvals, electronic signatures, and invite vendors and clients to sign online.
  • Legal hold management and reporting.
  • Comprehensive security auditing.
  • Scalable enterprise support.
  • Integrate with third-party management systems.
  • PDF to Word converter.
  • PDF merging tool.
  • Enterprise Edition offers configurable Language Translations for the Top Menu, Field Labels, Field Description in the Core System with Language Packs for English, Spanish, German, French, Arabic, Chinese (PRC)
  • Built using Microsoft's powerful .NET software framework.

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