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CobbleStone Software offers comprehensive, seamless, and powerful requisition management software to enable your procurement team to better management purchases. Learn how to leverage employee purchase requests tracking software to improve purchase control and spend management.

More Control & Better Spend Management

Enforce Procurement Business Rules

Organizations that use manual procurement systems often find out too late that many purchases have been processed without following a purchase requisition and approval process. This Wild West style of purchasing lacks transparency in the procurement process, lacks control over employee spending, is in danger of duplicate and missing orders, risks missed opportunities for volume discounts, and can quickly become an audit nightmare, failing to protect buyers and vendors.

CobbleStone Software offers a comprehensive solution that makes Requisition Management and Procurement simple with features that support tracking, approving, and monitoring purchases while managing inventory, costs, budgets, and financials seamlessly across your organization.

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Improve spend management with CobbleStone Software.

Effortless Requisition Management

Empowered Employees, More Compliance

CobbleStone’s Solicitation Management Software enables employees to submit requisitions that must be procured with configurable spend and item management control settings. CobbleStone’s Bid Wizard can guide the procurement team to determine next steps based on organizational policies.

CobbleStone Software helps organizations efficiently manage and control purchasing while ensuring employee and vendor compliance. Let CobbleStone Software do the heavy lifting so you have more free time to focus on strategic buying while positioning managers to make informed spending decisions to achieve better value.

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Requisition management helps with compliance.

From Requisition to Close-out

Faster Reviews & Approvals

Manage the procurement and contract process better with CobbleStone Software’s customizable workflows. Reduce departmental delays, minimize disruptive request status calls, and stop wasting time re-keying data while identifying approval bottlenecks and areas for improvement.

CobbleStone makes it easy to establish rules for workflow processes so organizations may ensure the proper reviews, approvals, tasks, events, notifications, and alerts will be initiated at the right time for key business users and stakeholders for every requisition form submission. Let CobbleStone Software efficiently route requests with secure, automated workflows and electronic approvals.

Complete Contract Workflow
Better procurement with contract workflows

Transparency with One Centralized Repository

Anytime, Anywhere Access

CobbleStone’s eSourcing, Contract, and Purchase Order Software helps organizations enforce requisition management rules while ensuring compliance and providing the insight needed to make better procurement decisions.

Access your E-sourcing system anytime, anywhere, and from any device. Have the information you need at your fingertips to determine what vendors/suppliers offer the requested goods and/or services, if the item is already on hand or in stock, if there is already a contract in place, if there is an opportunity to aggregate requests for maximum discounts, if a request requires a formal bid or RFP, if there is budget available, and if you can release the purchase order.

CobbleStone Software helps organizations increase the number of purchase orders that initiate from requests so you have more control and see the positive impact on your bottom line.

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Purchase Order Management

The Extended Functionality You Need

CobbleStone makes it easy to transition requests into purchase orders. Automated workflows ensure the appropriate sourcing and vendor management staff receive notifications of new requisitions along with the details of the request, items, amounts, and other configurable data required when the user is requesting a product or service.

Track purchases, requisitions, order and delivery amounts, inventory allocation, and proof of delivery.

Maintain control over spend with customizable user-spend limits by timeframe and buyer limits. Issue buying documents, manage supply contracts, and release payments with CobbleStone’s centralized document repository.

CobbleStone Software Add-Ons
Purchase order automated workflow

Cost Effective Contracting

Optimized Purchase Requisition

CobbleStone Software automates the entire contract lifecycle - from requisition, to approvals, to award, to compliance monitoring, to budget alerts, to key data notifications, to contract closeout, and more.

CobbleStone's user-defined fields, workflow management, searching and reporting, and email and calendar alerts help organizations optimize requisition management with audit trails, purchase order accountability, clear instructions, budget information, supply source, and delivery instructions.

CobbleStone Software provides a true end-to-end Requisition and Vendor Management Software system.

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