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Electronic Signature Software for contract policies | CobbleStone Contract Software
Electronic Signature Software for contract policies | CobbleStone Contract Software

Integrated e-Signature Software

CobbleStone Software

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Easy Electronic Signatures

e-Signatures for your documents

CobbleStone’s eSignatures allow you to quickly and easily send documents for signature from any request, bid, contract, vendor, employee, purchase order or policy record. Document authoring with merging fields and rules-based clauses can begin the process or simply drag and drop third-party contracts. Follow the progression with dashboards, email alerts and notifications for instant status updates or one-off modifications. Rules-based approvals and signatures allow for intelligent routing based on defined signatory authorities and matrixes. Don’t worry about participants that don’t use electronic signatures; users can also sign manually to continue the process.

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CobbleStone ezSign

Contract Electronic Signature Software

Control your organization’s contract signature processes by leveraging CobbleStone’s eSign Portal for negotiations and eSignatures. The secure, online portal provides end-to-end regulation over partially and fully executed eSigned documents. Initiators can opt for fast & easy processing for executives or add security features for signatures with outside parties. Users can sign from their office or on the go with CobbleStone’s mobile app available for Apple or Android devices. Signatures can be saved, selected, typed, drawn and even written with your finger or stylus on a mobile device.

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Leading Signature Software

ezSign, DocuSign, AdobeSign

CobbleStone’s Platform is flexible to support the electronic tools that are the best fit for your organization. Leverage your Docusign or Adobe Sign (Echosign) licenses for seamless integration or choose CobbleStone’s proven electronic signatures. Once fully executed, the contract will be stored back on the contract record with alerts to the necessary participants. Best of all, your signatories can sign from an email and will not need to install or download any additional software.

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Bulk Signatures with Ease

Bulk Vendor, Customer & Employee Signatures

CobbleStone’s electronic signatures offer the ability to send tens, hundreds or thousands of documents for signature in mass. Manual processing for bulk addendum, HR documents, or new agreements are a thing of the past. CobbleStone’s software provides contract professionals with and easy-to-use and controlled process to obtain many signatures at once with management dashboards, email alerts, and notifications.

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Collaborate with Business Partners

Negotiate, Share, & Sign Online

Easily collaborate with your vendors, customers, and business partners online. Securely share and sign documents. Negotiate and collaborate online. Easily obtain electronic signatures, route signature workflow and send bulk signature invitations. Obtain contract, vendor, customer, sourcing and RFx's signatures online. Security store and retain signed documents better.

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Electronic Signatures - Made Simple

Online Signatures

Electronic signatures are made easy with CobbleStone Software. Leverage CobbleStone's e-Signature software tool or plug-in a leading third-party signature software. CobbleStone's integrated e-Signature software is great for inviting internal employees and external parties to sign documents with auto-attaching of the final document back to the system. Issue and obtain bulk signatures online faster: invite many vendors, customers, and employees to sign documents and contracts faster. CobbleStone Software makes it simple to merge field data into templates, insert clauses and text based on rules, and issue signatures online and in paper format. All CobbleStone Software is integrated with Cobblestone Contract Management Software, e-Sourcing Software, and Vendor Management Software modules. Optionally, chose to integrate with DocuSign or Adobe Echo Sign.

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  • "CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise Software has a robust system for routing for approval and signatures to retain a better digital audit trail for our documents."

    – Tina, Contracts & HR Coordinator

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