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Compliant Based E-Procurement Software

CobbleStone E-Procurement Software is built to help regulated organizations to comply with corporate and government based procurement. Vendor management teams and procurement teams are under immense pressure to comply with fair acquisition & procurement guidelines. It offers the procurement managers and systematic software to comply to your organizations procurement rules, processes, approvals and if needed transparency. It is configurable and is a scalable, enterprise grade solution for Purchasing and Procurement. CobbleStone's Purchasing Software is designed to work for organizations of all sizes, with a scalable architecture to meet a wide array of needs and requirements. CobbleStone, our clients and our staff have invested years of industry research, development, and customer feedback into our E-Procurement Management Software. CobbleStone's E-Procurement Management Software solution is utilized by many Public and Private organizations with thousands of users. Our committal to the E-Procurement management software marketplace is unprecedented.

Purchase Order Management Software


Easily submit PO requests via your desktop, Mac or mobile device. Users select from approved catalog lists with confirmed budgets.


Establish automated approval processes based on business requirements. CobbleStone Systems provides for an unlimited of rule-based workflow processes that will automatically notify the correct employees in your organization based on any criteria. Workflow processes can help your organization’s purchase order process move forward more easily.


Leverage Purchase Order templates to effortlessly create approved documents and release to suppliers.. CobbleStone Systems allows for organizations to streamline their purchase order creation process with configurable templates that can be adjusted to fit the needs of any organization.


Automate your processes further with electronic signatures or stick to pen on paper execution.


Track goods and services received and receive alerts for what is outstanding.


Track and report on payments throughout the PO lifecycle. Manage budgets with intuitive dashboards. Take advantage of reconciliation reports with your ERP/financial system.

Budget Reporting

With the ability to search and report on all of your organization’s purchase orders, your employees have the advantage of referencing tons of information and leveraging that in their current responsibilities.

E-Procurement Insight Enterprise Edition is built upon the latest web-enabled technologies, enabling it to be:

  • Rapidly deployed Purchasing Software
  • Easily supported and maintained
  • Reducing your total cost of ownership
  • Accessed in the office or remotely
  • Track Purchases Procurement, and Spend end-to-end

CobbleStone's software will aid your organization in meeting E-Procurement processes and related regulations, centralizing your purchasing and E-Procurement management, providing team collaboration, work-flow approvals, online bidding, and improving an organization's overall Purchasing-Procurement process.

Flexible hosting (cloud) or deployed on-site license options allow organizations to maximize ROI within the first 30 to 60 days.

Hosted (SaaS) Benefits

The E-Procurement Insight Enterprise Edition hosted license (Software-as-a-Service) is a cloud based E-Procurement Management Software that is delivered via the web.

  • No software to download or install
  • No long-term licensing
  • No ongoing maintenance (it is all included in your subscription)
  • Online Collaboration

CobbleStone E-Procurement Procurement Software enables you and your organization to quickly start tracking and managing E-Procurements and committals, and to access your E-Procurement system anytime, anywhere via a web browser or mobile device.

The system includes the latest technologies related to E-Procurement and E-Procurement, support and maintenance.

Client Installed (Deployed) Benefits

CobbleStone E-Procurement Software on-premise deployed (perpetual) license provides CobbleStone's E-Procurement Software for the purposes of being installed and hosted on your organization's servers.

  • The entire application is in your environment and under your control
  • Access your E-Procurement system anytime, and anywhere via your hosted servers

CobbleStone provides Enterprise E-Procurement / E-Procurement Management Software deployment support including installation, configuration and support.

Features at Glance:

  • Select from our rapid deployment options, SaaS or On-Premise deployments.
  • Concurrent or Named user licensing models (leverage the most benefit and use from your licenses).
  • Full E-Procurement life-cycle management of your procurement process
  • Vendor Management and registration features
  • Purchasing, Purchase Orders, and Vendor/Supplier Collaboration features (bid/RFx tracking)
  • Management purchasing - procurement approvals
  • Optimize purchase tracking.
  • Line Item tracking for various purchase types
  • Proof of delivery tracking
  • Track spend against contracts and awards (spend management).
  • Bidder response ratings
  • Supplier Rating and Scorecards
  • General Ledger (GL) Line Item Tracking
  • Fiscal Year Tracking
  • Minority spend reporting (for public sector organizations)
  • Flexible configuration to support various procurement types and processes
  • Calendar management of your Purchase Order, E-Procurements, tasks, and approval workflows.
  • Personalized user dashboards.
  • Unlimited task tracking and e-mail alerts for E-Procurement key dates, deliverables, milestones.
  • Flexible E-Procurement workflow approvals processing engine.
  • Sign E-Procurements documents online with electronic signatures & approvals (add-on module).
  • Configurable Reporting and On-line Report Designer (create, save, e-mail and export).
  • Flexible / configurable user-defined fields on key data collection screens.
  • Tracking procurement Purchasing line times, cost, spend, and budget tracking with alerts.
  • Vendor / Customer Management (track contact data, rating, score cards, compliance).
  • Track, scan and attach files for Purchasing records, contracts, and suppliers/vendors.
  • Manage E-Procurement contracts, agreements, clauses and provisions with E-Procurement document authoring and template merging.
  • Text based (full-text) E-Procurement document searching on attached files.
  • OCR PDFs files for text searching and comparison
  • Linking of related suppliers, contracts, and purchase orders.
  • Unlimited notes with audit tracking, check-lists, milestones and price/cost tracking.
  • Template-based E-Procurement creation with merging fields and dynamic clauses.
  • Easily create purchase approval workflows tasks with rules-based sections & clauses.
  • Create electronic approvals, electronic signatures, and invite vendors & clients to sign online.
  • Integration with CobbleStone Contract Management Module and e-Sourcing, Online Bidding modules
  • Comprehensive security auditing.
  • Scalable enterprise support.
  • Integrate with third-party management systems and General Ledger / Accounting Systems.

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