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CobbleStone E-Procurement Software is a scalable, enterprise grade solution for Purchasing and Procurement. CobbleStone's Purchasing Software is designed to work for organizations of all sizes, with a scalable architecture to meet a wide array of needs and requirements. CobbleStone, our clients and our staff have invested years of industry research, development, and customer feedback into our E-Procurement Management Software. CobbleStone's E-Procurement Management Software solution is utilized by many Public and Private organizations with thousands of users. Our committal to the E-Procurement management software marketplace is unprecedented. It is about thinking long-term, being responsive, and understanding the power of organization governance. We believe this is the right way to do business, and our satisfied customers would surely agree.

CobbleStone E-Procurement Software is built upon the latest web-enabled technologies, enabling it to be:

  • rapidly deployed Purchasing Software
  • easily supported and maintained
  • reducing your total cost of ownership
  • accessed in the office or remotely
  • Track Purchases Procurement, and Spend end-to-end
  • Track vendors, suppliers, and business partners with CobbleStone Vendor Software

CobbleStone's software will aid your organization in meeting E-Procurement processes and related regulations, centralizing your purchasing and E-Procurement management, providing team collaboration, work-flow approvals, online bidding, and improving an organization's overall Purchasing-Procurement process.

Flexible hosting (cloud) or deployed on-site license options allow organizations to maximize ROI within the first 30 to 60 days.

Hosted (SaaS) Benefits

The E-Procurement Insight Enterprise Edition hosted license (Software-as-a-Service) is a cloud based E-Procurement Management Software that is delivered via the web. Leaders with: procurement systems, procurement management systems, procurement software, and government e procurement system.

  • no software to download or install
  • no long-term licensing
  • no ongoing maintenance (it is all included in your subscription)
  • Online Collaboration

CobbleStone E-Procurement Procurement Software enables you and your organization to quickly start tracking and managing E-Procurements and committals, and to access your E-Procurement system anytime, anywhere via a web browser or mobile device.

The system includes the latest technologies related to E-Procurement and E-Procurement, support and maintenance.

Client Installed (Deployed) Benefits

CobbleStone E-Procurement Software on-premise deployed (perpetual) license provides CobbleStone's E-Procurement Software for the purposes of being installed and hosted on your organization's servers.

  • the entire application is in your environment and under your control
  • access your E-Procurement system anytime, and anywhere via your hosted servers

CobbleStone provides Enterprise E-Procurement / E-Procurement Management Software deployment support including installation, configuration and support.

Features at Glance:

  • Select from our rapid deployment options, SaaS or On-Premise deployments.
  • Concurrent or Named user licensing models (leverage the most benefit and use from your licenses).
  • Full E-Procurement life-cycle management of your procurement process
  • Vendor Management software and registration features
  • Purchasing, Purchase Orders, and Vendor/Supplier Collaboration features (bid/RFx tracking)
  • Management purchasing - procurement approvals
  • Optimize purchase tracking.
  • Line Item tracking for various purchase types
  • Proof of delivery tracking
  • Track spend against contracts and awards (spend management).
  • Bidder response ratings
  • Supplier Rating and Scorecards
  • General Ledger (GL) Line Item Tracking
  • Fiscal Year Tracking
  • Minority spend reporting (for public sector organizations)
  • Flexible configuration to support various procurement types and processes
  • Calendar management of your Purchase Order, E-Procurements, tasks, and approval workflows.
  • Personalized user dashboards.
  • Unlimited task tracking and e-mail alerts for E-Procurement key dates, deliverables, milestones.
  • Flexible E-Procurement workflow approvals processing engine.
  • Sign E-Procurements documents online with electronic signatures & approvals (add-on module).
  • Configurable Reporting and On-line Report Designer (create, save, e-mail and export).
  • Flexible / configurable user-defined fields on key data collection screens.
  • Tracking procurement Purchasing line times, cost, spend, and budget tracking with alerts.
  • Vendor / Customer Management (track contact data, rating, score cards, compliance).
  • Track, scan and attach files for Purchasing records, contracts, and suppliers/vendors.
  • Manage E-Procurement contracts, agreements, clauses and provisions with E-Procurement document authoring and template merging.
  • Text based (full-text) E-Procurement document searching on attached files.
  • OCR PDFs files for text searching and comparison
  • Linking of related suppliers, contracts, and purchase orders.
  • Unlimited notes with audit tracking, check-lists, milestones and price/cost tracking.
  • Template-based E-Procurement creation with merging fields and dynamic clauses.
  • Easily create purchase approval workflows tasks with rules-based sections & clauses.
  • Create electronic approvals, electronic signatures, and invite vendors & clients to sign online.
  • Integration with CobbleStone Contract Management Module and e-Sourcing, Online Bidding modules
  • Vendor Invoice Submittal Gateway (requires Purchase Order Module)
  • Comprehensive security auditing.
  • Scalable enterprise support.
  • Integrate with third-party management systems and General Ledger / Accounting Systems.

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