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CobbleStone’s comprehensive Document Automation Software helps organizations generate accurate and compliant documents in less time. It is built as a best-in-class contract-document assembly tool with features that include utilizing base templates, rules based clause and section merging, field merging, routing and approval, track changes and electronic signatures. Learn more about CobbleStone Legal Contract Software.

Contract Drafting Software

Best in class contract document drafting

Generate Documents in Less Time. CobbleStone Software provides a power contract drafting software to enable your team to create accurate, timely, and compliant documents, letters, and contracts that merge your organization’s approved clauses. Manage multiple templates and document versions within CobbleStone’s intuitive user interface. Export documents in MS Word, PDF, and other file formats. Leverage advanced features to manage fields, document section order, and workflows; define rules-based sections and clauses for each document template. System Administrators may set user permissions for document version access and document management. CobbleStone Software provides full approval routing and audit trail capabilities for all documents to support compliance. Organizations can feel confident using CobbleStone Document Automation Software for secure document assembly, collaboration, and document storage.

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Online Contract Management

Negotiate & eSign Deals Faster

CobbleStone Contract Drafting Software makes creating agreements simple with internal and external party collaboration tools. Invite your counterparties to a collaborative online portal for improved negotiations. Save time routing approvals, tracking changes, and signing with electronic signatures. Contract Administrators may grant users approvals and signers dashboard access to review contract documents, statuses, comments, versions, and more.

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Easy Contract Authoring

Better Contracts with Document Automation

CobbleStone Software makes contract drafting in any type of document creation platform and document collaboration virtually effortless. Get an edge with CobbleStone's Legal Document Software and leverage your contract templates, clauses, and your organization's terms and conditions. Our Contract Authoring Software utilizes a Word plug-in for speedy document review and drafting. CobbleStone Contract Management Software best-in-class features include contract data field merging, clause merging, workflows, email and calendar alerts, and document version tracking. CobbleStone Software is built to support your team with legal discovery and enables legal holds. System Administrators may configure complex rules as needed for standard clause merges and fall-back clauses.

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Streamlined Document Assembly

Efficient Way to Reduce Risk & Improve Compliance

CobbleStone Software provides organizations comprehensive Legal Document Assembly Software to automate and centralize contracts, agreements, committals, form letters, risk documents, obligation records, and more. Stop wasting time and money with a manual document drafting process that threatens compliance with challenges around data entry errors, storage, collaboration, distribution, and incorrect formatting and branding. CobbleStone Contract Management Software is built to help your team increase efficiency and productivity with improved document accuracy. Take back control while achieving financial savings in conjunction with reducing risk and legal issues

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  • "CobbleStone Contract Insight Enterprise Software has a robust system for routing for approval and signatures to retain a better digital audit trail for our documents."

    – Tina, Contracts & HR Coordinator

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