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CobbleStone Software Implementation

Deploying and implementing contract management software systems can be a challenging initiative for organizations no matter their size. CobbleStone Systems' focus is to alleviate the stress and complexities of these tasks. Our contract management software implementation systems boast rapid deployment options that can easily be configured to meet the needs of your organization.

Our Rapid Deployment Methodology

CobbleStone Systems' rapid deployment methodology represents decades of experience and feedback from successful deployments of our contract lifecycle management software solutions to organizations of all sizes. We have refined its makeup and utilization to ensure effective, efficient and consistently high results in streamlining the contract management software deployment process into an easy to understand and follow procedure. At CobbleStone, we believe that your success is our success.

Our Implementation Staff

Our highly qualified and experienced professionals have assisted hundreds of CobbleStone Systems clients of all sizes with their deployments and implementations. Each of our team members has an in-depth understanding of "Best Practices" in contracting processes as well as the capabilities of our Contract Insight Contract Management Software Solutions. CobbleStone Systems offers a proven CLM implementation methodology developed from the ground up for deploying Contract Insight, with a consistent, quality and repeatable positive experience for our customers.

Contract Management Software - Implementation Overview

Software Project Kickoff

At the start of our deployments and implementations is our project kickoff. By this point, one of CobbleStone Systems' Senior Client Professionals will lead the Contract Insight deployment in all of its aspects through to completion. This staff member will remain as your primary point of contact throughout.

Software Deployment and Implementation

CobbleStone's deployments and implementations vary in complexity and associated tasks based on your organization's needs, as well as the type of deployment selected.

Quicker deployment options tend to be associated with our Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) contract management software implementations.

There are benefits to all of our implementation options, each with merits that are geared towards assisting your organization with a successful deployment.

Software Deployment Finalization

The finalization of our system's deployment results in the "Go Live" date of your organization's new Contract Management System. All associated documentation and information will be fully accessible, including login accounts, and initial pre-populated data within the setup areas of our system, geared to jump-start your organization's use of our Contract Insight solutions.

Data Importing

CobbleStone Systems offers proven approaches to importing your organization's data into our contract management software solutions. With each of these import options, you can rest assured that your data is "in good hands". We offer data importation professional services as well as in-line importing capabilities within many areas of our systems. All of our data import services are designed and tested from the ground up for their upmost compatibility and reliability.

CobbleStone Software Professional Services

Our professional services offerings for data importation are modelled off of our extensively built contract management software implementation processes. Our data importation specialists will properly and systematically assist your organization in gathering the necessary information to import into your new system, ensuring top notch formatting and error checking throughout. In addition, our specialists will assist you in proper placing of your data to fit your needs in an effort to minimize any concerns.

Data Importing

CcobbleStone Software offers several features for both bulk data importing and data integration. This helps to import data to Contract Insight Software in a more systematic approach. In each of these areas, a CSV file can be imported into the system subject to the guidelines set out in the user manual. These in-line imports are provided to facilitate bulk imports of data that your organization may need to perform.

While these in-line importation areas are not strictly associated with our rapid deployment methodology, they are provided to ease your organization's needs to import data if you choose to.

Additional Data Import Features

In addition to professional services and in-line, our systems provide two specialized options; Direct database imports and importing via web services.

Our direct database imports are geared towards clients who select the client deployed implementation options. Direct database means importing your data directly into our systems' SQL database. In order to accurately execute these types of imports, your organization will need a staff member knowledgeable in MS-SQL database management.

Our web services imports, while not geared towards a specific deployment option, are technical in nature. Through this option, CobbleStone provides your organization with the ability to tie into our system to interact with it. Information regarding this option can be found in our user and web services manuals.

In addition, both of these additional importation methods can be performed or assisted by our data importation specialists through professional services.

Software - Configuration vs Customization

One of the more difficult aspects to fully understand when implementing a software solution such as Contract Insight is configuration versus customization of the system. Before being able to make an educated decision on which path is right for your organization, an understanding of the functional differences between these two is necessary.

What Does Configuration Mean?

When referring to configuration, we are speaking to your ability to set up, structure and shape the information contained within the system as well as how that information is formatted and displayed. Configuration within our Contract Insight solutions means that your organization will be fully able to manage and modify without requiring CobbleStone Systems' intervention.

There are many benefits to having a Contract Management Solution that is highly configurable. Chief among these reasons is lowering the total cost of ownership. A configurable system allows you to manage the detailed workings of your system without the constant need of external modification and assistance requests to the vendor. Here are some of the major or key benefits.

  • Highest level of knowledge transfer to your employees and business users.
  • Minimize dependency on system vendor for common management needs.
  • No additional professional services fees necessary.
  • Data, makeup and layout modifications at the speed of your evolving business needs.
  • Ensure maximum compatibility with all future updates, upgrades and expansions.

Is Customization Right For You?

Customizations provide the ability for your organization to benefit from a solution that is tailor-made to meet your organization's detailed needs and requirements. Customizing is accomplished through our comprehensive professional services designed and developed to provide for your specific detailed functionality.

For more information on system and solution customizations, please contact us today!

CobbleStone Software - Approach

At CobbleStone Software, our goal is to provide you with the best tools to enable you and your organization to efficiently and effectively utilize our Contract Management Software. With this in mind, we have taken great care in the development of our solutions to ensure they provide you with a highly configurable and easily maintainable system.

In addition to our high standards on system configuration, we also offer a host of development and customization services to our customers. If your organization is looking to enhance your operational efficiencies with specific business models, functionality or applications, please contact us today. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that your final contract management software solution is configured and optimized to fit your specific needs.

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