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Complete Contract Software

Enterprise Contract Management Software

Contract Insight ™ Enterprise Software is an complete, enterprise, cloud contract management software solution which provides organization-wide contract tracking, contract administration, contract drafting, configurable custom user-defined fields, custom report design tools, e-mail alerts, calendar reminders, legal hold, task and checklists, security, document management, check-in tracking, workflow, financials, cost control, searching, performance tracking, full- text indexing, web platform, web calendaring, and more. It is built upon the latest web-enabled technologies so it can be deployed faster, supported easier, thus reducing your total cost of ownership and accelerating your return on investment. Contract Insight ™ Enterprise Edition offers flexible deployment options. The Enterprise Edition may be 'Cloud-Hosted' or 'Deployed' (installed and hosted on your organization's servers). The Contract Insight SaaS option is state-of-the-art, meets SSAE/SOC compliance, hosts over ten million contract records and billions in contract value, and is used by thousands of leading professionals.

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Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Management Just Got Easier

Contract Insight's Contract Lifecycle Management Software system is selected and used by thousands of legal, procurement and risk professionals. Contract Insight Contract Software is a proven solution and offers the features they need - without the guesswork. Contract Insight Contract Software provides comprehensive contract management for automating and centralizing your organization's contracts, agreements, committals, risk documents, and obligation records. CobbleStone's contract lifecycle solution leverages your organizational processes, includes workflow approvals, monitoring contract alerts, reporting and integrates seamlessly with other mission critical applications. CobbleStone Software provides a user-friendly interface that ensures ease of use, with high adoption rates, and rapid time-to-value. Learn why CobbleStone software is selected and used by thousands of legal, procurement, sales, and risk management professionals as the best and most highly recommended contract software choice.

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Contract Request Tracking

Track, Review & Approve Requests

Easily collect, track, review and approval contract requests from your employees, staff members and counter-parties with easy-to-use intake forms. Contract Insight Contract Software includes a powerful contract request engine that quickly enables your team to enable users to submit new and renewal contract requests, collect and configure important contract data fields, attach and review important contract documents, route approvals via flexible workflow, monitor contract approvals, e-mail reminders, approve contract requests and convert to a contract record without losing or re-keying data. Contract Insight request management software.

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Contract Management Software

Just Got Easier ℠

Easily track and manage contracts with Contract Insight Contract Management Software. Leverage incredible features for legal and non-legal teams to quickly manage, track and draft contracts faster. Robust contract software features include: easily collect and track contract data fields, track tasks and checklists, track contract renewals, kick-off workflow approvals and routing, receive contract alerts and notifications with calendaring alerts, track and draft contract documents with field and clause merging, track versions of documents for legal discovery, enable legal holds, invite counter-parties online to negotiate better, obtain approvals and quickly sign with electronic signatures. Moreover, track contract price and cost tracking to stay within budget and leverage robust searching, reporting and risk ratings.

Contract Software Features
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Draft Contracts Better

Contract Authoring Made Easy

Contract drafting and document collaboration is made easy with Contract Insight ™ Software. Your team can easily draft and create contract documents based on your templates and include your contract terms and conditions with Contract Insight Contract Management Software. Leverage features for contract drafting including the ability to merge contract data fields into your organization's contract templates, kick-off workflow approvals and routing, receive contract alert notifications with calendaring alerts, track and draft contract documents with field and clause merging, track versions of documents for legal discovery, enable legal holds, invite counterparties online to negotiate better, route approvals and quickly sign with electronic signatures. Configure complex rules of when a standard clause merges or a fall-back clause in needed. Additionally, utilize the Word plug-in for faster document review and drafting.

Enterprise Contract Software Features
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Collaborate with Counterparties

Negotiate, Share, & Sign - Online

Easily collaborate with your vendors, customers, and business partners online. Securely share documents, negotiate online, obtain electronic signatures, send bulk signature invitations. Obtain sourcing and RFx's bids online, advertise with bulk bid invitations, obtain bid results online, obtain documents from your business partners online.

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Electronic Signatures

Online Signatures - Made Simple

Electronic signatures are made easy with Contract Insight Software. Leverage CobbleStone's e-Signature software tool or plug-in a leading third-party signature software. CobbleStone's integrated e-Signature software is great for inviting internal employees and external parties to sign documents with auto-attaching of the final document back to the system. Issue and obtain bulk signatures online faster: invite many vendors, customers, and employees to sign documents and contracts faster. CobbleStone Software makes it simple to merge field data into templates, insert clauses and text based on rules, and issue signatures online and in paper format. Optionally, chose to integrate with DocuSign or Adobe Echo Sign.

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Analytics & Reporting - Your Way

Searching, Reports, Dashboards, & Charts

Built-in searching and reporting. When it comes to searching, enterprise reporting, analytics, charting, and management dashboards, Contract Insight Software has it enterprise contract reporting & analytics built-in. Quickly create, run, sort, export, save and pin reports to make your job easier. Create contract monitoring reports based on key contract dates, financials and data fields with e-mail reporting included. Create monitor reports that e-mail key team members of up-coming contract alerts, high-risk vendors, compliance reports, and be more creative with CobbleStone's built-in report designer.

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Contract Management Workflow Software

Tasks, Alerts, & Approvals.

Leverage powerful and rules-based workflow software to route approval and monitor contract processing easily. All of Contract Insight's modules include a powerful workflow software engine. Automate work-flow based on your rules, data fields, request types, monetary values, department, product, and so much more. Tasks are routed via e-mail for ease-of-use and include Accept & Reject actions, can escalate up, can be delegated, work in task groups, and complete complex processing easier. View workflow graphically with Contract Insight Workflow Visualizer. Contract and Procurement Software that works for you.

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Track Contract Spend and Pricing

Contract Financial Tracking - Integrated

If you need a better system to track contract spend, financials and pricing, Contract Insight ™ has it all. Contract Insight Contract Software has built-in fields to collect contract cost, pricing, and budgets. It includes the ability to track expense and/or revenue transactions against a contract and monitor spend and budget alerts. Optionally, you can track contract roll-ups with Purchase Order Software add-on and manage contract budget versus actual spend on each contract.

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Integrated Contract Software

Integration with Leading Software

Contract Insight Contract Management Software offers data integration with API plugs-ins and data integration with leading CRM, Vendor Management, Supply Chain, ERP and other standards based software. For organization that already have a CRM, VRM, ERP systems in place, this makes the software process flow seamless for your users. It provides efficient data flow to reduce date-entry efforts, improve data quality, and provides knowledge where-needed / when-need. Contract Insight Software has API data connections and data mappers to leading software like SalesForce, Oracle, SAP, SAGE, Dynamics, Quick Books, and so many other. Become the contract leader at your company and learn more about contract software case-studies and successes today.

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