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Contract Insight ™ Workgroup Edition Software is an 'End-to-End', deployed (on-premise), completely browser-based Contract Management Software Solution which provides your team with contract tracking, contract drafting, configurable custom user-defined fields, custom report design tools, e-mail alerts, calendar reminders, legal hold capability, task and checklists, security, document management, check-in tracking, workflow, financials, cost control, searching, performance tracking, full- text indexing, web platform, web calendaring, and more. It is built upon the latest web-enabled technologies so it can be deployed faster, supported easier, thus reducing your total cost of ownership and accelerating your return on investment.

Contract Insight ™ Workgroup Edition offers flexible deployment options. The Enterprise Edition may be "Locally Deployed" (installed and hosted on your organization's server) with a perpetual one-time software license, or it may be hosted by CobbleStone Systems Corp. as a Cloud / 'Software as a Service' (SaaS) solution with an annual hosting subscription.

Manage the Entire Contract Lifecycle

CobbleStone Systems' Contract Lifecycle Management strategy provides comprehensive solutions for automating and centralizing your organization's contract, agreement, committal or obligation management processes. CobbleStone's contract solution optimizes your organizational processes, integrates seamlessly with other mission critical applications, and provides a user-friendly interface; which provides ease of use, smooth transitions with high adoption rates, and rapid time-to-value.

Experience the CobbleStone Software Difference

CobbleStone is one of the leading contract management software companies worldwide. 100% of our efforts are focused on providing better contract tracking software to help you manage your contracts more effectively. We have been focused on this goal since 1995. Contract Insight ™ is the contract management software of choice among over 600 leading organizations with thousands of legal and procurement professionals using Contract Insight..

Leading professionals use Contract Insight ™ Software

When you select Contract Insight ™ software to manage your contracts, your organization will better manage vendor and customer agreements between each party, better negotiate renewals, comply with regulatory agencies, and spend more time focusing on your value to the company instead of chasing contracts. All of our dedicated staff are in-house CobbleStone employees. This means you will receive focused, proactive support and advice. In addition, we provide a great SLA. That is a product and customer service you can rely on.

Contract Insight ™ Workgroup Edition is built upon the latest technologies, enabling it to be why so many select CobbleStone.

Contract Insight ™ Software - Configurable to meet changing business needs!

  • Rapidly deployed CLM Contract Software
  • Easily supported and maintained
  • Reduces your software total cost of ownership
  • Accessible in the office or remotely
CobbleStone's software will aid your organization in meeting contract compliance regulations, centralizing your committal and contract management, providing team collaboration, and improving your organization's overall contract administration process. Flexible hosting options allow organizations to maximize ROI within the first 30 to 60 days.

Workgroup Edition Benefits

The Contract Insight Workgroup Edition license is a deployed or cloud based contract lifecycle management software. Contract Insight Workgroup - contract software has added top organizations and thousands of contract professionals in meeting vendor/customer obligations, contract compliance regulations, centralizing your contract and committal management, and improve your overall contract administration.

Client Installed (Deployed) Benefits

The Contract Insight Work Group Edition client deployed (perpetual) license provides our Contract Insight contract management software solution for the purposes of being installed and hosted on your organization's servers.
  • The entire application is in your environment and under your control.
  • Host your contract data on your servers or select from one of our hosted options.
CobbleStone provides full contract software deployment support including installation, configuration and implementation best-practices consultation.

Contract Software Solution Features at a Glance:

  • Rapid Client deployment option.
  • Your data is on your servers.
  • Named user licensing model (purchase only for what your organization needs).
  • Full lifecycle management of your contracts.
  • Calendar management of your contracts and tasks.
  • Unlimited task tracking and e-mail alerts.
  • Ad-Hoc Reporting (create, save, e-mail and export).
  • Unlimited user-defined fields on many areas of the system.
  • Contract cost and budget tracking.
  • Track, scan and attach files to contracts, employees/users and vendors/customers.
  • Full text searching on attached contract files. Built in OCR.
  • Linking of related contracts and vendors.
  • Unlimited notes with audit tracking, checklists, milestones and price/cost tracking.
  • Template-based Contract creation.
  • Contract legal hold management.
  • Manage document workflow approvals & electronic signatures (add-on module).
  • Comprehensive security auditing.
  • Scalable support.
  • Built using Microsoft's powerful .NET software framework.
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