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Contract Insight ™ Express

Contract Insight ™ Express Contract Management Software

Contract Insight ™ Express Edition is an easy-to-use, yet robust, online contract management software system for contract management. Contract Insight Express is a robust Software-as-a-Service (SaaS/Cloud) solution is designed to work for organizations of any size. Being solely a web-based software platform, Contract Insight Express Edition is geared towards getting you and your organization up and running quickly with our instant signup and activation.

Contract Insight ™ Express Edition is a configurable, cloud-based contract management system for contract and committal management. This flexible Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution was designed to work for organizations of any size. Being a web-based, software-as-as service, platform, Contract Insight ™ Express Edition allows legal and risk professionals to rapidly use the system instant sign-up and activation.

Organizations of all sizes can take advantage of the Express Edition's rapid setup, ease-of-use and configurable features. The Express Edition is a great entry into better management your organization's contracts. For larger organizations, visit CobbleStone's Contract Insight ™ Enterprise Software Edition features page.

Contract Insight ™ Express Edition is

  • Built upon the latest web-enabled technologies
  • Instant sign-Up and activation means you can start managing contract today
  • Rapidly setup and flexible contract field configuration
  • Easily supported and maintained contract management system
  • Reduces your total cost of ownership
  • Pricing Start at $89.00 per month, per user, requires annual contract.

Contract Insight ™ software will aid your organization in meeting contract compliance regulations, centralizing your contract and committal management, and improve your overall contract administration system software.

Contract Management System Hosted (SaaS) Benefits

The Contract Insight ™ Express Edition hosted license (Software-as-a-Service) is a web-based service that is delivered on-demand via the web.
  • No software to download or install
  • No long-term licensing contracts
  • No ongoing maintenance (it is all included in your subscription)
  • Secured contract repository and storage
Contract Insight ™ Express Edition enables you and your organization to quickly start tracking contracts and committals, and to access your contract system anytime, anywhere via a web browser.

The system includes the latest release of the software system, full support and maintenance. If at any point it is decided the system is no longer needed, you can cancel your license and not be left with hardware and software that is no longer being utilized.

Instant signup and activation

This rapid setup methodology allows for you and your organization to have your Contract Insight Software up and running in as little as a few hours.

Gain rapid return on investment with a better Contract Software
Contract Insight Express Edition's instant activation means you can quickly spend more time managing your business needs, rather than managing the deployment of a system. It is a great tool for those that need to be on the move quickly and efficiently.

Contract Management Software Features at a Glance:

  • Instant signup and activation through CobbleStone's SaaS model
  • Named user licensing model (purchase only for what your organization needs)
  • Full lifecycle contract management of your contracts & agreements
  • Calendar management of your contracts and tasks
  • Unlimited task tracking and e-mail alerts
  • Ad-Hoc reporting features (create, save, e-mail and export)
  • Unlimited user-defined contract fields on many areas of the system
  • Contract cost and budget tracking
  • Track and attach files to contracts records, employees/user records, and vendors/customer records
  • Full text searching on attached contract text files
  • Linking of related contracts and vendors
  • Unlimited notes with audit tracking, checklists, milestones and price/cost tracking
  • Template-based contract & form creation & contract authoring with merging fields
  • Manage document workflow approvals(add-on)
  • Contract document repository with file version tracking
  • Comprehensive security auditing
  • Scalable solution support
  • Built using Microsoft's powerful .NET software framework

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