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Document Collaboration, Vendor Management, CRM Integration, eSign Module, & Financials

Contract Insight Document Collaboration & e-Sign Module allows organizations to merge fields and clauses based on your rules to easily create a contract document online with e-approval and/or e-Signatures. The Document Collaboration Gateway Module with the Electronic Signature Module supports on-line contract negotiation between internal and/or external parties with negotiation via a secure online portal that tracks changes.

  • Contract Management Software
  • Vendor Management Software
  • Customer Management Software
  • Electronic Signature Software
  • E-Procurement - Sourcing Software
  • Risk Management Software
  • Purchase Order Software
  • Supply-Chain Software
  • Purchase Fulfilment & Inventory Tracking Software
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • Contract Collaboration
  • Vendor Risk Management Software
  • Secured Contract Repository & Workspace
  • Contract Versions
  • Contract Redline Tracking
  • Track Contract Comments
  • Contract Negotiation Alerts
  • Electronic Signatures for Contract and related documents
  • Approvals/Rejections for Contracts
  • Integrate with SalesForce, Oracle, Dynamics, Adobe Sign, DocuSign, SAP, and more

Internal authorized users are able to easily access the eApprovals/eSignature dashboards for contract statuses, comments, versions and more.

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e-Procurement, Solicitation and eSourcing Module

Create, manage, track and monitor Solicitations, Procurements, Bids, RFxs (RFIs, RFPs, RFQs), Vendor, and more with CobbleStone's Solicitation and eSourcing Module.
One of the best, feature-rich e-Procurement and contract software products available.

  • Feature-rich e-Procurement Software
  • Solicitation and RFx lifecycle workflows
  • Attach an unlimited amount of documents, responses, questions, and more
  • Rate and score vendor responses
  • Award selected vendors
  • Bidding online
  • Line item bidding with price and line item compares
  • Easily convert Solicitations to Contracts
  • Track spend management against contracts and by vendor
  • Enhance sourcing and opportunity advertising & supplier collaboration with CobbleStone's Vendor Client Collaboration Gateway (Add-on)

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Vendor - Client Collaboration Gateway

Extend the functionality of the Contract Management Software and the Solicitation/Procurement Management Module with the Vendor, Client, Customer Collaboration Gateway. This optional add-on Gateway includes the following features:

  • Collaborate with your vendors and clients
  • View the contracts/agreements data
  • Exchange documents and files
  • On-line contract collaboration negotiation
  • Allow vendors/clients to register with your organization
  • Advertise RFPs/Bids with the Solicitation and eSourcing Module
  • Collect and respond to RFP vendor questions on-line
  • Collect and compare line item bids from vendors and suppliers on-line
  • Collect suppliers information and vendor reporting on-line

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Purchase Order Management Software

Extend the functionality of Contract Insight Enterprise Edition with the following Purchase Order Management Module features:

  • Create Purchase Orders via configurable templates
  • Create Purchase Orders for Contracts with line item details and catalog lists
  • Configurable PO workflows and purchase approvals
  • Search and Report on Purchase Orders
  • Track PO and Contract Budgeting (Contract Spend Management Software)
  • Track spend levels by fiscal period and employee limits with workflow approvals
  • Track purchase order - items received and inventory tracking

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Custom Public Access Portal

CobbleStone Systems provides a customizable public-facing portal that allows your organization to provide your general public with access to selected contract data and files/documents with feature and function rich searching, querying, reporting, exporting and downloading services to automate and minimize Freedom of Information request processing.

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CRM Contract Management Software

CobbleStone's CRM Contract Management Software Connector allows for a direct integration from Contract Insight Enterprise Edition to your organizations existing Salesforce and other leading CRM systems. This streamlines your contracting process, eliminates confusion between sales and contracting/legal teams- all while increasing your closed deals ratio!

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Database Integration Management

Extend the functionality of Contract Insight Enterprise Edition contract management software by leveraging existing key/critical data from your organization's other 3rd Party Software platforms.

Integrate with your current systems including:

Oracle Contract Management Software based systems
MS SQL Server based systems
MySQL based systems
Salesforce Contract Management Software
Great Plains Dynamics Contract Management Software
Open API (registered WSDLs from an external application)
And more...

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DocuSign Connector

Extend the functionality of Contract Insight Enterprise Edition by enabling a direct integration with DocuSign for electronic signatures. This add-on connector provides your organization with the capability of electronic/digital signing of documents/contracts to streamline the contract lifecycle management process.

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FAR, DFAR Library, GSA Forms Manager Service

CobbleStone offers a Federal Acquisition Regulation Accelerator add-on consisting of a FAR Clause Library and FAR Forms. This Accelerator add-on is integrated with and developed by CobbleStone for use with Contract Insight Enterprise Edition contract management system.

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