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Contract Management Software - Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
What is Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)?
CobbleStone Systems' Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) deployment option provides your organization with rapid access to our robust, easy to use software at a fraction of the price compared to standard software licensing agreements. With low monthly fees and no large up-front capital expenditure, you and your organization gain access to a feature rich web-based application.

Our SaaS solutions are fully managed, and require minimal to no hardware and software costs to your organization while reducing your internal IT management and support times. Your employees will be able to easily access desired information securely over the internet using only a standard web browser. Our hassle-free SaaS offerings provide enhanced security, availability and performance of your Contract Management Software, allowing your organization to realize increases in reliability, productivity, and Returns on Investment (ROI).

Your organization's effective and efficient use of time and money are streamlined through our SaaS solutions. Freeing up these two valuable organizational resources ensure your focus remains on your core business priorities.

Is SaaS Right for You?
Many prospective people and organizations have been introduced to or know of SaaS solutions, yet are unsure exactly what these solutions entail or if they would fit their needs. Our SaaS solutions provide organizations with highly flexible, configurable and scalable systems capable of quickly adapting to your evolving business needs. Deploying this type of solution provides your organization with a simple and reliable installation to get you up and running fast.

The following items are key points that many organizations using our SaaS solutions faced during their decision:

Contract Management SoftwareTop-tier software without expensive start up costs.
Contract Management SoftwareNeeding software, not IT department additions.
Contract Management SoftwareRequiring rapid Return on Investment (ROI).
Contract Management SoftwareNeeding secure anywhere, anytime access to the application.
Contract Management SoftwareWorry-free, hassle-free updates and upgrades.

With a SaaS solution, your organization will be able to realize cost reductions and a lower technology footprint. SaaS solutions enable your organization to take advantage of enterprise grade software while reducing or eliminating costly needs that are inherent with these systems, such as IT infrastructure, third-party software, data integrity, data redundancy, disaster recovery, and IT personnel.

SaaS Business Benefits
There are many business benefits a SaaS solution can provide to you that organizations which have decided to adopt on-site applications and solutions often struggle to provide for themselves. Years of providing a SaaS solution to our clients has enabled CobbleStone Systems to effectively and reliably address a broad range of needs to organizations of all sizes.

Contract Management Software Low total cost of ownership Contract Management Software Rapid time to production
Contract Management Software Fast user adoption Contract Management Software Superior and redundant infrastructure
Contract Management Software Secured and redundant data Contract Management Software Minimal to no IT staff and resources
Contract Management Software Organizational focus on core business Contract Management Software Enhanced performance, and security
Contract Management Software Adapt to evolving business needs Contract Management Software Minimize technology lock-in risks
Contract Management Software Enhance risk mitigation and compliance Contract Management Software Secure anywhere, anytime access

CobbleStone Systems SaaS Solutions
CobbleStone Systems' fully managed SaaS solution remove the common IT barriers organizations face when attempting to implement contract management systems. Our comprehensive, end-to-end solution, Contract Insight, makes use of cutting edge technologies and methodologies. This allows us to offer organizations a secure and redundant system for mission critical data and information. Organizations can take advantage of secure anywhere, anytime access to their data using nothing more than a web browser and/or web-enabled smart phone.

All of this means our Contract Management System can be leveraged across your entire organization quickly and affordably!

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